Episode from August 2020

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E174 Our Eyes see but Illusions


E174 Our Eyes see but Illusions As humans, how we see the world is subject to many influences, many of which can veil us from recognizing the deeper truth. Shaykh Nurjan reflects on the story of Imam Al-Husayn (r) and the Shuhada of Karbala, which offers some profound truths on human nature. A meditation on […]

E173 Battling Negative Energies and Influences


E173 Battling Negative Energies and Influences Every human being is living in a spiritual battle on this earth with unseen, negative forces and influences. Shaykh Nurjan explains about the reality of energy, positive and negative, and how these affect our day-to-day lives. This video explains a methodology for overcoming negative addictions—pornography, drug addiction, smoking, etc.—according […]



E172 – TRAIN OF DESTINY Synopsis: God has laid the destiny for every creature in creation, like the tracks of a train. As our lives unfold, the role of a true guide is to help us reach our destination in the most beautiful way possible, so to avoid major pitfalls and diversions, that can sometimes […]



E171 SOUL GUIDES True Guidance is through the Soul. The destiny of every soul has been written in pre-eternity. All our life experiences were meant to lead us towards the understanding of divine guidance, and to seek out our spiritual reality. When the student is ready, the Guide will appear, inshAllah. The SUFI MEDITATION CENTER […]