Secrets of spiritual elevation and the Price of Akhira. The Eternal Life is determined here, during our worldly life. Our life’s purpose is to struggle in God’s way—to perform acts of service, kindness, selflessness and charity. Strive to elevate your soul, through love, spiritual practices and service to others. That which we do here echoes for eternity.

The SUFI MEDITATION CENTER presents: ‘Divine Love’- a groundbreaking tv series that explores such topics as: SUFI SPIRITUALITY; MEDITATION; HEALING; ENERGY; SECRETS OF THE HEART; SECRETS OF NUMBERS; SCIENCES OF THE SOUL; and much, much more.
The series is hosted by world-renowned Sufi teacher SHAYKH NURJAN MIRAHMADI, and broadcast online & on television networks throughout United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, the Sub-Continent + more.

For more information please visit ⭐www.SufiMeditationCenter.com⭐