E170 Pen vs the Sword: Secrets of Spiritual Warfare – Sufi Meditation Center

Why true Knowledge is more powerful than any other force. To win the hearts and minds of humanity is the greatest achievement, much greater than compelling by force. The Great Deceiver spreads anger, rage and ignorance around the globe, destroying humanity. God’s true warriors use love, light and sound-the latent powers of the soul-to affect positive change in the world. True knowledge is an eternal dress on the soul. The true battle of every Knower is to win the heart, insha’Allah

The SUFI MEDITATION CENTER presents: ‘Divine Love’- a groundbreaking tv series that explores such topics as: SUFI SPIRITUALITY; MEDITATION; HEALING; ENERGY; SECRETS OF THE HEART; SECRETS OF NUMBERS; SCIENCES OF THE SOUL; and much, much more.
The series is hosted by world-renowned Sufi teacher SHAYKH NURJAN MIRAHMADI, and broadcast online & on television networks throughout United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, the Sub-Continent + more.

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