Synopsis: God has laid the destiny for every creature in creation, like the tracks of a train. As our lives unfold, the role of a true guide is to help us reach our destination in the most beautiful way possible, so to avoid major pitfalls and diversions, that can sometimes even derail a person from accomplishing their highest potential. Realities of the guides and of the Way.

The SUFI MEDITATION CENTER presents: ‘Divine Love’- a groundbreaking tv series that explores such topics as: SUFI SPIRITUALITY; MEDITATION; HEALING; ENERGY; SECRETS OF THE HEART; SECRETS OF NUMBERS; SCIENCES OF THE SOUL; and much, much more.
The series is hosted by world-renowned Sufi teacher SHAYKH NURJAN MIRAHMADI, and broadcast online & on television networks throughout United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, the Sub-Continent + more.

For more information please visit ⭐www.SufiMeditationCenter.com⭐